Sharon Lloyd

Sharon Lloyd is a 27 year veteran of the Waterloo Regional Police Service assigned to North Division as Uptown Waterloo’s Community Officer.  This current role provides a visible, pro-active presence in the community, engaging and working collaboratively with all members in a positive manner.

During her career, she has worked as a patrol officer, coach officer, investigator/detective in Central, Rural and North Divisions.  She worked as a Forensic Identification Officer from 2004-2017, trained in the examination of various crime scenes.  This included the collection, preservation of DNA and other physical evidence.  She was the lead investigator for a Coroner’s Inquest and has testified as an expert witness in court.  She remains dedicated to policing, the community she serves and volunteers annually as a site coordinator for the Ride For Dad event and fight against prostrate cancer.

When not working or volunteering, Sharon enjoys photography, travel and has recently renewed an interest in her artistic side and exploration of watercolour painting.

Sharon will be defending “We Were the Lucky Ones” by Georgia Hunter